Planning Applications

Planning Applications

Our team can assist you with progressing your site through a planning application. As part of the planning application process, we will:

  • Provide input into layout plans regarding highways and transport issues, including access, car and cycle parking provision, electric vehicle charging provision, delivery and servicing arrangements, etc;
  • Support a pre-application consultation through producing Transport Scoping documents and attending pre-application meetings with the Local Highway Authority or other stakeholders;
  • Liaise with our highway counterparts at local authorities and national bodies;
  • Produce all required documents to support the planning application, including:
    • Transport Note, Transport Statement or Transport Assessment;
    • Access Design Drawings and supporting swept path analysis;
    • Travel Plans;
    • Delivery and Servicing Plans;
    • Construction Logistics Plans; and
    • Car Park Management Plans.

    We assist on planning applications for all types of sectors, projects and clients.

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