Margueth Machado, Business Administrator at Evoke Transport

Margueth Machado

Business Administrator

DD: 0118 380 0184

With a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Business Management, Margueth brings valuable experience from her roles in the hospitality, public (Civil), and business management sectors across two countries. She has made significant contributions to renowned brands such as Accor, Starwood, British Airways, and the Brazilian Television System. Over her career, Margueth has developed effective commercial and project management skills, combined with strong emotional intelligence and advanced technical abilities.

Furthermore, Margueth has adeptly led strategic and complex projects, managing organizational changes with a consistent focus on objectives, efficiency, and profitability. Her exceptional attention to both the team and customers reflects a holistic and humane approach, with a positive and proactive mindset, Margueth thrives in dynamic and positive environments. She is dedicated to contributing to the success of any business while simultaneously building a fulfilling and successful career.

During her leisure moments, Margueth immerses herself in music, concerts and venturing into new places and countries. Nature holds a special place in her interests, and she also enjoys delving into subjects like culture, economy, and behaviour, aiming to enrich her understanding and life approach.

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